ITZA TradeHub for B2B

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ITZA TradeHub is designed to revolutionize the way businesses trade items in bulk quantities by facilitating an efficient and strategic marketplace for B2B transactions. The platform's primary objective is to enable businesses of all sizes, from small local shops to large enterprises, to purchase products or services at significantly reduced wholesale rates and to acquire new walk-in customers with minimal or no marketing effort.

This capability not only enhances the purchasing power of businesses but also serves a crucial marketing function. By acquiring items in bulk, businesses can then offer these products or services as incentives via the ITZA app to their consumers as part of promotions or purchase incentives, effectively driving foot traffic and attracting new customers for the buyers and sellers.

The ultimate goal of ITZA TradeHub is to create a symbiotic ecosystem where businesses not only pay the lowest possible prices but also leverage their purchases as marketing tools to boost consumer engagement and expand their customer base, thus generating increased sales and fostering community growth. By using the ITZA TradeHub and the ITZA app, everybody wins, including the buyer, the seller and the customer.

Sell in Bulk

Businesses can list products or services in bulk quantities (e.g., 25, 50, 100 units) at significantly discounted rates. Found in our business portal, this section allows sellers to provide important details including unit pricing, minimum quantity, trade sector, and selective exclusion options such as geographical and sector-based preferences.

Buy in Bulk

This section caters to businesses scouting for bulk purchase opportunities. A sophisticated search engine helps buyers filter opportunities by location, industry, and other relevant criteria. Each listing offers detailed information, including pricing, minimum purchase requirements, regions served and a direct link for communication with sellers via the ITZA app.

Strategic Benefits for Sellers

  • Sellers gain an effective outlet to move large volumes quickly.
  • Each and every item sold will almost always equate to one new walking-in customer.
  • Opportunity to fill demand during off-peak times through creative incentives (e.g., higher voucher values during specific hours).

Advantages for Buyers

  • Access to top-quality products and services at wholesale prices.
  • Ability to lure new customers via the ITZA app with incredible offerings and promotions, such as a furniture store providing fashion vouchers as a purchase incentive.
  • Simplified purchasing process where payment for the bulk items is incrementally billed as units are utilized, enhancing cash flow management.

Commitment to Integrity and Value

  • ITZA TradeHub is built on principles of honest trading. Robust mechanisms including seller questions and reviews are designed to ensure high-quality listings.
  • Periodic manual reviews will be followed by verifications to maintain high standards of commerce.
  • A minimal fee structure: TraiTel charges only a 1% fee to buyers when a purchase is made, incentivizing fair pricing and transparency.
  • Sellers do not pay anything from start to finish.

Operational Efficiency

  • Sellers can erradicate traditional marketing costs, effectively reducing overhead and focusing on looking after new customers.
  • The platform's design encourages a seamless transaction flow, with payment options tailored to reduce time to market and promote ease of transaction.


ITZA TradeHub isn't just a tool - it opens up opportunities for businesses looking to innovate on how they stock and market products or services. By bridging gaps in bulk trading, ITZA TradeHub offers a pathway for new business and customer relationships, all within the ITZA ecosystem.


Practical Examples

Restaurant to Furniture Store

A restaurant lists vouchers worth $40 each at a discounted price of $10, with a minimum purchase of 100 units. A furniture store purchases these vouchers to offer as a bonus with every purchase over $100. This synergy helps the furniture store attract new customers via the ITZA app who are likely to spend more than $100 at the store. Simulatneously, the restaurant secures a bulk sale that ensures new customer visits who will likely spend more while dining out, customers that if satisfied, will return and pay full price many times over.

Fashion Store to Furniture Store

A women's fashion store offers a credit of $1000 for just $300, requiring a bulk buy of 100 units. A furniture store buys this deal to provide a $1000 voucher for any purchase made over $1299. This kind of deal makes shopping at the store irresistible and helps the furniture store stand out in a competitive market. Simultaneously, with absolutely no marketing effort or cost, the fashion store gets 100 new clients walk-in through their doors, clients that when satisfied, will return and buy many more garments over the years.

Now thanks to the ITZA app and ITZAtag system, both the furniture and fashion stores have 100 new customers they can carefully nurture and reach to offer new and exciting products.

Massage Parlor to Dental Practice

A massage parlor lists their best massage style valued at $60 for just $20 each, with a minimum purchase of 50 units. A dental practice buys these to offer as a relaxation bonus for a $100 dental check-up. This unique promotion can significantly increase new patient registrations, associating a typically stressful visit with a relaxing reward, so let's toast to 50 new customers (for both businesses) gained with minimal effort or cost!

Quantitative Benefits

Increased Sales Volume

If a fashion store were to provide a voucher of $300 and offers it at $100 in bulk, knowing that the buyer will use it as a marketing tool which in turn will result in a new customer sent to the store, the initial discount can lead to a 66% cost saving for the buyer, but a much higher ROI for the fashion store than any other conventional marketing methods.

Marketing Cost Reduction

By leveraging the ITZA TradeHub, a business can save on average 60-90% of its marketing budget, which would have otherwise been spent on direct advertising. Instead, these funds can be redirected into offering more attractive deals through the ITZA TradeHub, increasing the overall value proposition to their customers.

A business must consider how much they are spending to get 1 customer through their doors using normal marketing efforts, the business must further consider that out of these customers, not all will make a purchase. In contrast, each and every item sold via the ITZA TradeHub system equates to a guaranteed new customer.

Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) Reduction

If a dental clinic spends an average of $200 to acquire a new patient through traditional advertising methods, using the ITZA TradeHub to offer a $60 massage voucher at a cost of $20 can reduce the CAC by up to 70%. This not only lowers expenses but also enhances the customer experience.

ITZA TradeHub

ITZA TradeHub showcases its ability to create win-win situations for both buyers and sellers, making it an indispensable tool for businesses looking to optimize their operations and marketing strategies in the most cost-effective manner.