ITZApoints, a new way to boost business and engage customers

..if you're looking for innovative ways to increase sales, attract new customers, and build loyalty - look no further.

ITZApoints is an exciting new feature within the ITZA app ecosystem that allows your business to reward customers in a way that's engaging and mutually beneficial. It's a points system that transforms every interaction with your customers into an opportunity for growth and connection.

Engage, Reward, and Expand

ITZApoints is more than just a loyalty program - it's a revolutionary platform that transforms every customer interaction into an opportunity for growth and deeper connection. Designed for businesses seeking innovative ways to enhance customer engagement and tap into new markets, ITZApoints offers a unique approach to rewarding customers and attracting new clientele.

Using the ITZApoints Network

By offering ITZApoints, you're not just taking advantage and becoming part of a rewards program; you're tapping into a network of potential new customers and endless cross-promotional opportunities. ITZApoints is the smart way to expand your reach, attract new business, and maximize your marketing efforts with minimal investment.

What ITZApoints offers your business

Set your value

With ITZApoints, you have the unique ability to assign point values to your items or services. This means you can control how you appear in the reward options for customers.

Cross-promotion made easy

ITZApoints breaks down traditional marketing barriers. Even without a direct relationship with a customer, your business can appear in their list of available rewards once they've accumulated enough points. This is cross-promotion at its simplest and most effective.

Strategic pricing for Maximum visibility

By pricing your items and services at the right level of points, you enhance your chances of appearing more frequently in the reward options for customers. This strategic visibility brings your business to the forefront, attracting new customers who might not have engaged with your brand otherwise.

Reward for every interaction

ITZApoints enables you to allocate points for each dollar a customer spends in your establishment, or to motivate a prospective customer to discover more about your offerings by simply scanning any of the ITZAtags available at your location.

Drive sales and loyalty

This system not only incentivizes purchases but also encourages repeat visits. Customers earn points that they can redeem for attractive rewards at your business.

Engage with customers POST-visit

The connection doesn't end when the customer leaves your store. If they've scanned any ITZAtag at your premises, they have automatically started a conversation, now you can continue to engage them with marketing materials and incentives, adding value to each point they've earned.

Get started with ease

Setting up ITZApoints is straightforward. Through our enterprise-grade web portal (click above on demo to instantly see how it works), you can manage your rewards and point distribution seamlessly. You can also target specific customer demographics based on location and preferences.

How it Works

Earn and redeem

Customers earn points through interactions with various businesses in the ITZA network. Once they've accumulated enough points, they can redeem them for rewards from any participating business, including yours.

Visibility in the Reward list

Your business and its offerings become visible in the reward options as soon as a customer has enough points to redeem them. You choose the location of the clientele you wish to target - engaging customers in a defined geographic area has never been easier.. This puts your brand in front of a customer who might be looking for exactly what you offer. As soon as a customers redeems your reward, an instant connection is created between your company and them!

Redefine your marketing strategy with ITZApoints

Cost effective and DIRECT engagement

Compared to traditional marketing methods like Google AdWords, Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click Advertising, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketig, etc, where costs can range significantly based on industry and other factors, ITZApoints offers a more direct and potentially more cost-effective way to engage with customers. With average costs of $2.96 per click and $40.74 per actual lead on Google Ads, Email Marketing between $0.1 to $0.5 per email and between $900 and $20000! for social media, ITZApoints provides a valuable alternative for businesses looking to optimize their marketing budgets.

This direct engagement can lead to more efficient conversions and potentially reduce the overall marketing costs. ITZApoints also offers the advantage of cross-promotion among various businesses within the network, expanding a company's reach without the substantial costs associated with traditional online advertising methods.

How ITZApoints enhances your business

Cost-Effective Marketing: With ITZApoints, avoid the high and variable costs of traditional online advertising. Instead, invest in a system that offers direct engagement with interested customers.

Higher ROI Potential: By incentivizing repeat business and attracting new customers through a points system, ITZApoints can offer a higher return on investment compared to traditional online advertising methods.

Efficient Customer Acquisition: Utilize a platform where customers are already engaged and interested in exploring new products and services, streamlining your marketing efforts.

Join the ITZApoints revolution TODAY

Empower your business with ITZApoints and turn every customer interaction into a building block for growth and success. It's more than just a loyalty program; it's a new way to connect with your customers and enhance their experience with your brand.

To learn more about how ITZApoints can transform your business, sign up for a free trial. Let's build a future where every point counts towards lasting customer relationships and business success!