ITZAtags are made in the USA and are made to last for many years and can be assigned to new listings over and over again. They are water proof, UV resistant, weigh very little and are strong. A color QR code makes them attractive and the most powerful of NFC technologies (Type 5) makes them ideal for customer interactions.

As the designation implies, there are 5 types of NFC types with Type 5 being the latest. Type 2 are the most common and have been around for over a decade, however, they are harder to scan because they require the most power to run and the mobile phone must be placed right up against the antenna of the tag to make them work.

Type 5 on the other hand is the lowest power technology and with the right antennas on the tag plus a good reading device, it has been used at distances over 6 feet. The ITZAtag however, has a small antenna to keep the tag's size small, but fortunately being a Type 5 NFC chip, the range is comfortable enough that a mobile phone when placed correctly above the tag will pick it up quickly and effortlessly.

Apple phones have their NFC transmitter / reader located at the very top of the phone, so when reading an NFC tag of any type, the top of the phone is the area used for scanning.

Android phones on the other hand, have their NFC antenna in the middle area and depending on the manufacturer, the exact location can vary. But for all phones including Apple, once the user has identified the location and used it a few times, the superior ease-of-use of NFC is quickly evident over QR codes and this is why the ITZAtag includes NFC inside!

The only thing that wears out in them is the adhesive that holds them to an item, however, by using double sided tape or non-permanent glue (you want to be able to remove them easily from the item when sold) this problem is quickly solved.